Holcon is the sales-organisation and operates usually in the Netherlands and several country’s around it. The concrete elements are produced in the factories STF Holterman GmbH in Germany. Both the reinforcement and concrete, as well as the formwork are made in house, as well as a part of the Hardemangroep. By doing so, we have an optimal grip to the process.

Holcon is originally founded in 2009 as a part of the Holtermangroep. Holcon started as one factory in Xanten (Germany). After Xanten Holcon opened a second factory in Hattersheim am Main (Germany). In total there are approximately 180 to 200 employees at Holcon / STF Holterman.

In the past years we have establish a well-known name in the commercial, industrial and infra-construction. Holcon is a reliable and thorough partner, that completely relieves you of any concerns during the construction of a prefabricated concrete shell or structural work. In doing so, we focus on giving the construction with prefabricated concrete elements, a greater future value, so current ideas of sustainability are met. Holcon takes care of the engineering, production, delivery and assembly of the prefabricated concrete elements.


Holcon, more than concrete

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