Acquisition Holcon

Hardeman Group realises the strategic acquisition of three companies

Ede, february 2022 - Hardeman Group acquired three companies at the end of January: Holterman Group (Holcon and Holterman Wapeningsstaal) and Durisol. The name Durisol will become Durison. With this acquisition, Hardeman Group strengthens its market position as a supplier to the construction industry. In the short term, the acquisition offers opportunities in the Netherlands and Germany, with plenty of perspective for the future in Belgium and France (where Durison already operates). On behalf of the Hardeman Group: ‘These are three strategic acquisitions that will allow us to serve the residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction markets more broadly with a sustainable and broad product range.’ Holcon is a specialist in precast concrete, Holterman is a market leader in reinforcing steel, and Durison produces sustainable noise barriers from wood-fibre concrete and prefab shell constructions. The Hardeman Group consists of several companies and is a healthy family business, which has been active in the broad construction sector for decades. The individual companies in the group all realise a stable and healthy growth.  

Broader product range in growing market

For many years, the precast and shell construction market has shown a substantial growth, as well as an increasing demand for circular and sustainable construction. Land suitable for construction is becoming scarcer, resulting in more complex structures, including high-rise buildings. Thanks to these acquisitions, the Hardeman Group has the opportunity to broaden its product range and thus meet the increasing demand for sustainable total solutions. 

Acquired companies

Hardeman Group acquires three companies: Holterman Group, which includes Holcon and Holterman Wapeningsstaal, and Durison. Holcon, a company with an established reputation in prefabricated shell constructions, produces 45,000 m³ annually. Among other things, the company is working on the largest double-layered distribution centre in the Netherlands and participated in building the tallest residential tower in our country. From its concrete production sites in Xanten and Hattersheim (both Germany), Holcon serves the Dutch and German markets. By 2022, Holcon expects to produce 60,000 m³ of concrete.

Holterman Wapeningsstaal is a KOMO certified reinforcing steel company that produces 85,000 tons of steel annually. Reinforcing steel supply options range from delivery in trade sizes, processed rebars and special netting, to prefabricated reinforcing elements for the construction and concrete industries. The growth target is to expand production to 100,000 tons. With locations in Markelo and Hooge Zwaluwe, Holterman has two plants in the Netherlands. 

Durison (formerly Durisol and Duricon) is a company that is a household name in the market for noise barriers and tunnel elements that can be seen in many places along motorways. The sound absorbing elements are made from clean residual wood, making it a highly sustainable product. Future assignments

The expansion with Holcon, Holterman and Durison provides direct entries and growth opportunities in both the Netherlands and Germany. In the coming years, both countries will see the development of plenty of data centres, parking garages, residential towers, halls, infrastructure and other structures that will require both precast concrete and steel. In the longer term, there will also be opportunities in the Belgian and French markets. 

Scale and sustainability

The scale that is created offers opportunities for more sustainable processes in addition to sustainability gains in materials. Within the Hardeman Group there is already plenty of innovation taking place with far-reaching automation and robotisation, which will also take further shape within Holcon, Holterman and Durison. All personnel and real estate (including production sites in the Netherlands and Germany) are part of the acquisition.  

About Hardeman Group

Hardeman Group started out assembling sandwich panels, among other things. Over the years, the group has grown into a multifunctional supplier for many facets of the construction industry. The group consists of several companies with their own specialities. 

About Holcon

Holcon engineers, produces and assembles durable precast concrete elements for various markets. It is thus a partner for projects in commercial construction, infrastructure, industrial and residential construction and parking garages and also in respect of its self-developed Holcon construction system. The reinforcement and concrete as well as the formwork are produced in-house, resulting in full control over the entire production process. Holcon's product range includes columns, beams, walls, various types of floor slabs and infrastructure girders with maximum dimensions of up to 40 metres in length and 100 tons in weight. Holcon has two plants in Germany (Xanten and Hattersheim am Main). In respect of supply area the focus is on the Netherlands and Germany. The markets of Belgium, Denmark and England are provided for as well. Holcon employs 220 people. Due to the new collaboration within the Hardeman Group, an annual turnover of €50 million is expected.  

About Holterman

Holterman Wapeningsstaal is a reinforcing steel company operating from Markelo and Hooge Zwaluwe. The company is active in residential, commercial and infrastructure construction, primarily in the Netherlands and Germany. The reinforcing steel supply options range from delivery in trade sizes, processed, cut, bent, welded reinforcing steel and (special) netting to complete prefabricated reinforcing elements and support girders for the construction and/or concrete industries. Holterman is a total supplier; design and drawing (2D/3D), execution, work preparation and transport. Holterman produces 85,000 tons of reinforcing steel annually. Thanks to investments made in new machinery, it is possible to continue to grow to 100,000 tons annually in the coming years.

About Durison

Durison Raalte is a household name in the infra world when it comes to noise barrier and tunnel elements that are made of durable wood-fibre concrete that absorbs sound. The production process is environmentally friendly, the low weight of the elements makes them easy to handle and they are reusable. Under the name Duricon, Durisol started a number of years ago with the production and supply of prefabricated shell constructions for the residential industry. Piping, embedding and frame assembly are integrated into these very smoothly finished shells. As a result of the acquisition, the names Durisol and Duricon become Durison, partner in noise barrier and tunnel elements and prefabricated shell constructions.

Acquisition Holcon

Holcon, more than concrete

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